Sarepta Farms

At Sarepta we recognize the important role agriculture plays in the economic development and sustainance of the nation. Hence we have invested heavily in the agricultural sector. Specifically we focus on lifestock production, casava plantation and extraction, as well as food processing.

Lifestock Farming

Our farm that formerly consisted of a poultry and piggery is now part of a five-year plan and road towards crop and diary farming.

Casava Plantation

In Benue state Nigeria, we have procured ready-made cassava plantations for sarepta farms’ commencement of cassava and cassava bi product extraction by the start of the next harvest season

Feedmills & Food Processing

The Feed Mill is currently running the last year of its lease to the Uuniversity of Uyo’s Agricultural science department and will be converted into a storage house for grains and maze necessary for feed production for poultry and storage silos for other perishable crops.



Zawadi Farms and Feedmills

In tandem with Zawadi Farms and Feed mill, our subsidiary which has been in operation for over 15 years, we are strategically positioned to begin one of the second largest dairy farms in South South geopolitical zone of Nigeria in Etinan local Government of Akwa Ibom state, where we have the poultry farm undergoing renovation. 

In January 2017, Sarepta Farms rolls out its maiden cassava processing mill, located in Edumoga village in, Okpokwu local Government, in the heart of Benue state. The mill whicht sits on a 2500sqm land will commence production at 50 - 75 bags a day, and will provide not just food for our nation at an affordable price but also gainful employment for the people in that region.

Without immediate profit being our goal we will take full advantage of economies of scale to make our products a household name in record time. Wholesalers looking to buy mass quantities of garri and starch at the lowest prices affordable, are welcome to contact us now to become part of the team or benefit from our low prices!



Large Scale Food Production & Processing

A third project in the agriculture sector is the procurement of 2 hectares 20,0000 sm of land in Kwali L.GA 56km outside the city center of the capital Abuja.  This territory is another offshoot of sarepta farms that has been ear marked for incentivized agricultural investment by the federal government is land we intend to develop to build industrial size storage facilities like silos and processing mills for sensitive crops, for both local farmers and larger government sponsored 





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