Who We Are

About Sarepta Nigeria Limited

We are a limited company as are our subsidiaries. Our core competency is designing viable partnerships for fostering foreign and domestic investment in key sectors of the Nigerian economy for growth. Namely in the agriculture, manufacturing, real Estate, natural resources, and transportation sectors.

Our Focus

As such our organization networks and actively seeks out willing investors internationally and domestically to partner with state governments of the nation in developing viable projects and partnerships that generate revenue for states, skills for our citizens and ultimately gainful employment for our citizens in the areas of agriculture, manufacturing, real estate, natural resources and the transportation sector.

However, we have resolved to not rest on our laurels and rely strictly on foreign direct investment, in the key areas listed above.

Our Goal

Sarepta’s goal is to cultivate and nurture partnerships with a host of clients that can help Nigeria boost its internally generated revenue through viable and sustainable projects.

Our Vision

Our Moto defines our vision, perfectly, “Let’s build Nigeria” While one of our core strengths is seeking out competent and reliable companies for our governments to establish working partnerships with; our vision is to embark on projects and partnerships that will provide infrastructure development, employment and revenue generation for the citizens of Nigeria.

What We Do

Below are some or the things we do at Sarepta Nigeria Limited 

Establish Working Relationships 

We establish working relationship with state and federal governments to solicit foreign investors to develop infrastructures and technological assets that can lead to a healthy and steady job creation

Seek out and Develop Proposals 

We strategically seek out and develop proposals for construction of revenue generating projects for state governments consideration on a monthly basis. 

Develop  Real Estate

Through our subsidiary Sarepta Decor And Construction, We are constantly developing  acceptably priced real-estate property within the nation

Expand Our Subsidiaries

We expand all other branches of the scope of our company subsidiaries.

Important Milestone

Opportunities created by our company for investors

We have recently been chartered to enlist direct foreign investors, particularly in the state of Akwa Ibom, Nigeria to facilitate growth in employment through projects in the housing development sector, tourism generating projects as well as infrastructural development, and as such are seeking a viable network of foreign investors willing to build mutually beneficial relationships where the well being of the people of the state are primal and profit maximization for all parties concerned is guaranteed.

Investment Opportunities in Akwa ibom


Our Overarching Vision

In conclusion the overarching vision of sarepta is not to be a jack of all trades and a master of none but masters at being a one stop hub where all trades, skill sets and business ideas can be transformed into worthwhile ventures for Nigerians as a people and we as an organization. 

We want to connect those who have the know how with those who have the resources, those without the know how with those who do have the know how, provide resources to turn ideas into realities for our partners and our own ventures, all for the purpose of building a stronger better Nigeria. 

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